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Welcome To Squires Roofing

We’re A Family Business, Serving Cleveland And Greater Northeast Ohio With Unmatched Roofing Contracting Services For More Than 75 Years

Your roof is, without question, the most important element of your home. It protects you and your family from sun, wind, rain, hail and snow. Further, a properly installed roof helps to insulate your home in the harsh winter, keeping your energy costs in check. And in the hot, muggy summer months, a quality roof promotes natural ventilation, which prevents the humidity in your attic from creating mold, ensuring there is no damage to your home’s structure and your family’s health.

When shopping for a new roof, it’s important to understand that all roofs – the materials, the construction and installation process – and roofing contractors, are not created equal. A roof is an investment in your most important and valuable asset, your home. When installed properly with quality materials, a roof can endure the test of time, outlasting winter freezes and spring thaws, summer storms and leaf-covered falls, year after year.

Squires Roofing Brings A Reputation Of Quality And Experience To Every Job

Here’s a fact: The roofs that Squires have installed on more than 250,000 homes in the Northeast Ohio area over the years regularly outlast the neighbors’ roofs who didn’t use Squires to complete the job. The reason why boils down to our quality standards in both material selection and roof construction:

  • We Use The Most Durable, Dependable Shingles – Our shingles contain the highest asphalt content available, which provides them a greater ability to adapt to the elements, leading to longer life. Further, heavier shingles are resistant to wind lifting and blow-offs, a very typical problem with Northeast Ohio roofs.
  • Our Crews Install Your Roof, Not A Fly-By-Night Sub-Contractor – We’ve worked with the same crews for generations. Our guys have installed more than 250,000 roofs in the history of our company, which is more than any other roofing company in the area. From the first point of contact, it’s our team members you communicate with. We inspect your house inside and out, provide a full demo of our installation process, and work with you through construction and afterwards to ensure everything is completed properly and on time. We take immense pride in this process!
  • Our Warranty Trumps All Others, Protecting Your Investment We offer the most comprehensive warranty in the roofing business here in Northeast Ohio. We do this to protect our valued customers. You may have heard about 20 – 25 year warranties from roofing companies, which exist. What they don’t tell you about those warranties is they are a manufacturer’s warranty, covering the shingles only! What about decking? What about labor? With Squires 20-year warranty, labor and materials are covered, along with the shingles. Beyond that, we carry liability insurance, something many companies don’t have, to further protect you and your investment in your home. If anything goes wrong, we will fix it. Period.

Don’t Take Our Word For It, Talk To Your Neighbors

Because of our history in the community and our reputation, we have generations of customers from Bay Village to Akron, Medina to Chagrin Falls. Most of our customers come to us through referrals and word of mouth – neighbors talking to neighbors. If you want more information, we have many customers who are happy to discuss their experience using Squires Roofing to replace their roof. Also, if you have more specific questions about your roof, contact us today to make an appointment with one of our roofing specialists for a free estimate. We’ll come out personally and take a look at your roof. We don’t “mail it in.”

From the Squires Family to yours, thank you for taking the time to learn about our company. We look forward to meeting you soon.